what 1,5 TB Harddrive would you recomended+warrenty on seagate oem drives?



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only for month ago,i bought a medion harddrive in aldi store,with a seagate 1,5 tv harddisc,yesterday,only after 4 month of purchase,i got a bad sector problem,every time,when the hd try to read the sector i got a bluescreen and the system reboot,now this is the first time i have problems with seagate hd,now i have to replace in warrenty,but i dont find the bill,you think i get from medion a new bill?
if i remeber right,i can send any seagate hd to seagate direct,the mast only see the serial number,to check online is there warrenty ot it or not?

can someone confirm this?

what hd should i buy now,when i look in the 2 tb section, the modell from hitachi seems to have the lowest price for 2 tb only 129€ in germany western and seagate charge 180€,does hitachi have good quality?

i oftten read in computer magazine larger hd are more sensitive,maybe i buy only 2 seprate 1 tb?

old scsi server harddrive are made for 24H use,on some hd drive,i got a lot of problems,samsung and maxtor in the past i have to replace a lot within warrenty!
does seagate maybe change the production factory,from oem harddrives from thailand to china?
thanks for your input:)


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Hi Turok..
I've no recommendations for 1.5TB drives as I've yet to fit one ..
But I do run a 4TB server 24/7 for all my media files and backups etc..
I built it with 4 x Samsung Spinpoint F1 drives almost 2 years ago ..
and they have proved very reliable ..
I'll probably put a curse on it now by typing this ..but _no_ problems with any of the 4 drives in almost 2 years of almost continuous operation
If there is a 1.5tb equivilant of the Spinpoint F1
..maybe worth considering ?