What is going on with ART Sports?



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I know they have lost the contract and all that, and their schedules have always been all over the place, but the last few months it's got worse.

You never know now until the Thursday / Friday what game is or what channel and saturday just gone, they listed West Ham v Everton to be delayed on Art Sports 5 at 5pm.

It never was on. I waited until 6pm (as i like to record all the West Ham games) and it never appeared. :mad:

Does anyone know if this game was ever on, and where we can find out the schedules at least a few more days in advance.

I want to know if the the Wigan v West Ham game will be on or not, as i have a chance of a ticket, but the wife is giving me grief about going.

But if its on i will stay at home and watch it!!