which satellite ?

Sir Bronking

Sir Bronking

My Satellite Setup
pentium4 3.2ghz
skystar2 rev2.3
1mtr dish & jaeger 99G 36v motor, with a superjack DP-6600. dvb-t aswell,in the process of setting up
My Location
Hi guys,
Thanks for the info last night, I'm now well and trully on my way, my mission now has been narrowed down to watching man city :rolleyes: v blackburn (19nov art sport4),
so now I've gone an bought a funke high gain 1mtr sat dish with a mti single universal high crosspole performance lnb (the wife dos't know yet but I'm sure she'll understand. she can carry on watching soaps on sky.):-bash remember I'm using progdvb with skystar2 rev2.3 card.

my question is when i set dish up where should i point it for best results (to watch more footy and beyond. which is the best way to do this
remember I'm a newbie so take it easy.:-splat
just another question if i keep adding plugins, keys,cams ect do the all go in the root directory of progdvb on ly when i unwip them they have there own folder so do i leave them there or move all files to root ( only its beginning to get quite clogged up in there

waiting for guidence
lead me to the promised land<--

ps thanks to lance and topper for leading me to smilie heaven:D