Which Twin-LNBs for Fringe-Reception on a T90 ?



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Hi folks,

I am thinking of installing in the near future a Wavefrontier T90 in Northern Greek Mainland where cold winter nights und very hot summer afternoons are common and so searching for Twin-LNBs which are not too sensitive on thermal parameters. The following positions should be fitted with a Twin-LNB so that watching and recording of any programme on any satellite should be possible.
42E/39E/36E/28.2E/26E/23.5E/19.2E (center)/16E/13E/10E/7E/4.8E/0.8W/4W/7W
I am aware, that with a T90 one does not get there all frequencies of any satellite mentioned above but i am trying to find the best solution for a non motorized dish. Having in mind that some birds will be changed in future and so stronger signal reaches that area it should be fine.

I always read here that the MTI AP82-XT2 performs very well for the lower frequencies on Astra 2D on which the BBCs transmit.
What about the MTI Blue Line Twins AP82-XT2BL ?
Have read that it doesn't perform as well as the previous model AP82-XT2 in the lower KU-Band. Is the difference so big ? Further on the Blue Line LNBs have an improved behaviour on the whole KU-Band as far as i' ve heard and a much better cross polar decoupling ratio.
So concerning the reception of any KU-frequencies on any satellite the new ones should be better, am i wrong ? Anybody who has tested this ?

I am asking myself if there is any alternative Offset-Twin-LNB (Invacom seems to be sensitive on thermal changes) so that also the higher KU-band is received as good as possible ?

Would be great if anybody having compared several Twin-Offset-LNBs on hard-to-get satellites recommends me which one should do the job in this case.

Thanks a lot in advance, Chris :)