While S*Y Laugh at the Monkey (and Cable)



How S*y must be laughing at the monkey.
After virtually bankrupting I*VD by forcing them to pay over the odds for unnecessary sports rights they have now become the only player in the bidding game (are the monopolies commission watching?) thereby allowing them to name their own price for movies, sports and other events.
But will the subscribers see a reduction in price?


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Dear All,

And SKY *never* paid over the odds for sport's right's ? That is mostly how they got them, correct ?

Sincd gaining them, all SKY have ever done is off-load the cost to the subscriber - so, who's the monkey ?


P.S. GBP 12.00 for formula one ? I ask you. Its bloody television. At least with ITV Digital I could have had a flight there, a box seat and a five star hotel for the same price (re: story of 1000 viewer's for one match).


If the info I have read is right, S*Y paid less than 1/4 of what I*VD's bid was forced up to (although they should have waited and bought them cheap second-hand rather than try and beat the big boys) for the football rights (which is what has caused their financial problems) before I*V joined the war.
Now S*Y can once again force down the price that the league will settle for, if there are any smaller teams left after this has finished.