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Right, i have a Hyundai HSS-800CI digital receiver, receiving Astra 19.2 E just fine also a 80cm motorised dish, and a Pace MSS1000 receiver/positioner (which does move my dish) but i am not putting it to the full use ie what about all those other Sats i can get as specially as ive now got a magic, my problum is how to set up the pace to the right satellite positions, i know the menu screen on the pace then into "set up programmes" but i then get a distroyed picture so i can not see the frequencys i have tryed a nother scart lead, but once i can get over the little hick cup what about the Hyundia side, i have gone in to main setup, Installation, Satellite scan, Scan Mode, and then Free & Scrambled and have pulled more in but now what ? where are they would they just be on channel 1, 2, 3, and so on or are they stored at the very top ie. 1500`ish hopefully there`s someone who knows all about Hyundia`s and Pace`s (lets hope so)

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this is a question for the multi-sat forum, not the adult forum (and you're more likely to get an answer there)


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A friend of mine operates a similar system, but with a MSS500ip. How he got it all together was to start of with a satellite that you can find easily with the Pace alone. Then he picked the next/nearest digital satellite, selected a transponder in the LNB setup menu (making sure it was one that he could receive with his dish) and then panned the dish with the Pace until it achieved lock on the Hyundai. He then saved that channel on the pace with a unique name and number, ie: 1 for Astra 19.2, 2 for hotbird etc.