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Who,was,the oem manufactor,of Echostar Cband Dishes?


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Hello !
Good Evening!

i have,one special questions,to the comunity!

2 weeks,ago,i bought,on Ebay ,a used 2,40 Meter Mesch Antenna,with,self made polarmount,that moves from 95 east,to 95 west,seller told:)

is it complex,to make a mount,of its own?
Bowal,in Sweden,also do this,i heard,in old dr dish shows!

i didnt ,know,that echostar,itlsef,ever made mesch dishes,in the past,also i dont find,any information ,about it!

so,who,was the oeam manufactor,or made echostar the dishes,in his own company?
Antenna,is nearly 7 years old,and echostar out of the bisness,long time ago,so i dont get,any information?!


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I don't know the answer to the original question, but the mount and motor look horrible from here.

First wind and that will be off the roof, taking your smalls with it.

First thing is to disassemble everything, put a minimum of a 100mm pole. securely mounted, and get a Jaeger mount system bolted to the back of it (forget the 1224 unit, in exposed areas you will need the 3.1 or larger unit to cope with the loading).