why no updates about Dish tv

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Hi everyone,
Why no one is posting about the updates and happenings of the DISh Tv.Is it because of change in the forum thread grouping. Comeon guys help us. Post the updates.


i'm lovin' it
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I too feel this is mainly bcos of thread grouping. We lost a wonderful thread "India DTH:....". But another reason is, too many threads in the forum. It is better to have few main threads and discuss in that. But now, even for 1 post our friends are opeing new thread. A kind suggestion for all. Why dont we keep few main threads and discuss all topics related to that in that thread. It may not be as lenghthy as our previous thread "Indian DTH:...", but we can have few main (sub) threads.
For example: (some suggested titles for Sub-main threads)

Dedicated DTH (India and Region)
  • Indian DTH: Dish TV
  • Indian DTH: Tata Sky
  • Indian DTH: DD Direct +
  • Sri Lankan DTH: Dialog TV (formerly CBN Sat) -since we are discussing about DTH in the region also, why not include this also.
Satellite Reception Discussion (India and Region)
  1. better to have sub threads according to "satellite names". Then discuss ALL topics related to that in that thread.
  2. and/or have it according to band C or Ku

Anyway better NOT to open new threads, it is confusing sometimes. if we have to look in all threads, we lost interest most of the times..
I hope mods will think about this..

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Some times it happens. But see this link Here you can find other infos as well as Indian DTH.

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