Woman causes 24-vehicle pile-up trying to keep sofa dry



A US woman who drove a truck under a bridge to protect her sofa when it started raining caused 24 vehicles to crash.

Police say the woman suddenly swerved to get the truck under the overpass in Atlanta, Georgia, and had planned to stay there until it stopped raining.

But her driving caused a series of accidents which left 11 people with minor injuries, reports CNN.

Police said she changed lanes so rapidly that she cut off cars as she made her way to the shoulder of the road to get under the overpass.

Sergeant Pat White of the DeKalb County Police said: "She cut off two vehicles initially, right away, and that caused those two vehicles to collide with each other. We had a total of 24 vehicles at the end of it."

Eight separate accidents were reported as a direct result of the woman's poor driving, he said, but added the woman's truck wasn't hit.

"It was a mess. She did stay at the scene and was charged with improper lane change," he said.