World Superbikes FTA ??



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Hi, I hope this is the place to ask this question, I'm new, and can't find the answer to this -> I've got a couple of hand me down 60cm dishes and 2 analogue receivers I used for a bit in 2002, mainly playing to see what I could find. I have now got hold of a Pace Sky digibox.

I can get Moto GP and British Superbikes on BBC1 and ITV, but it seems World Superbikes is on Sky (my uncle has been taping it for me, but he sometimes watches something else so doesn't always).

Can I receive it with what I've got without decoders. Where is it?? Any language would do, but English would be a bonus !!

Thanks a lot

Speedee :)


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Welcome to the forum Speedee

Well not trying to put dampers on anything but if sky have the rights in this country it is unlikely to be available FTA anywhere else but you never know
someone may know different.
Being a satellite forum I would obviously prefer to give you a satellite solution however have a look at the thread below it may be a cheaper solution for the odd race rather than a full subscription copy and paste
the link into your browser if you need to