... worth noting 14.5.03



:: The BBC's commercial arm has launched a new venture called BBC Vecta in a bid to generate revenues from its research and development activities. Vecta, part of BBC Ventures, will set up new businesses to exploit technologies developed by the BBC's research and development unit, in conjunction with third party companies.

:: Nokia and MasterCard have started a six month trial in Dallas, where consumers can use their mobile phones to pay for goods in shops. Nokia is distributing 500 new phones equipped with MasterCard's new 'PayPass' payment technology that lets consumers wave by or tap MasterCard credit card-connected devices on a reader to charge their accounts, rather than swiping cards through the retailer's magnetic stripe reader.
:: Wireless streaming developer Emblaze has announced that it's been selected to provide technology and services to UK mobile operator O2 for its mobile video trial taking place this month. O2 will use Emblaze's EMplatform to offer customers a continuously updated range of services including news, weather, entertainment, music and movie trailers. Trial customers will also be able to download EMplayer directly from the portal to their mobile phone.

:: Sony is to take on rival Nintendo in the handheld gaming market, with a new portable version of its popular PlayStation games console.