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:: The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IA:cool: has announced a new marketing push in the US aimed at convincing advertisers and agencies to make online a bigger part of their media plans. Apparently, the first wave of the integrated campaigns will appear in print, outdoor and online publications, with a number of IAB members donating ad space, including Yahoo!, MSN, AOL and The New York Times. The seven-month campaign will highlight successful case studies on companies that have used online advertising to increase brand awareness, and feature their marketing executives as 'superheros'.

:: Energis has joined forces with Royal & Sun Alliance in a bid to provide a data network that will link all the insurance company's UK sites and businesses. The deal is part of a multi-mullion pound network services contract that will see Energis supply all UK data, telephony and call centre services to the insurance group for the next five years. The migration will enable Royal & Sun Alliance's brokers and 'remote' employees to access and share information. Energis will also replace Royal & SunAlliance's existing voice network, connecting all sites and remote workers to a virtual private telephone exchange, saving cash on internal call charges.

:: File-swapping network Kazaa is joining forces with marketing network Altnet on a rewards-based programme that will aim to increase peer-to-peer distribution of authorised files.

:: The New York Times has started to charge users for breaking news alerts from its NYTimes.com Web site. The New York Times' Times News Tracker service had previously been free, but the paper has suspended the service and was re-launching it with annual subscription fee of $19.95 (£12.10) a year. Times News Tracker allows subscribers to follow as many as 10 subjects of interest and have alerts sent to them on these topics. The service also gives free access for 90 days to archived articles. The service allows users to choose three types of alert: Times Topic Alert; Keyword Alerts; and Ticker Symbol Alerts.

:: The English Institute of Sport has re-launched its Web site, www.eis2win.co.uk, as a resource for the country's top athletes, coaches, sports administrators, media and the sporting public. The site offers a complete insight into the EIS, its staff and the support services available from the Lottery-funded body.

:: Mobile entertainment is to form a strategic partnerships with mobile gaming specialists Digital Bridges and Mobile Avenue, in a bid to expand the retail market for mobile phone games. The partnership is designed to enable high street and online retailers to offer customers a wider range of mobile games in electronic format through FoneDaddy, Eposs's recently launched retail brand. Using Eposs's technology, retailers will be able to sell FoneDaddy products through off-the-shelf content packs and newly developed vending machines.

:: Only 2% of mobile users are now able to send pictures from phones with built-in cameras, and one fifth of them are interested in the technology, according to an annual survey. The survey, by US-based marketing and research firm JD Power and Associates, also found that customer satisfaction in the mobile phone market had risen over the past year.

:: More than half of the total number of emails sent in May were unsolicited messages, according to net filtering firm MessageLabs. It found that that 55% of emails it scanned in May were spam, up from just under 40% in April.


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File-swapping network Kazaa is joining forces with marketing network Altnet on a rewards-based programme that will aim to increase peer-to-peer distribution of authorised files.
And you'll get the usual free adware and viruses with the files. )(-red