... worth noting 21.7.03



:: More than 11% of music in Australia is obtained through illegal means, the country's music industry has said. The Australian Record Industry Association (Aria) said a survey found that 3.6m of Australia's 20m people had illegally 'burned', or copied, a music CD in the past six months.

:: Japanese handset maker NEC has joined forces with UK mobile-operator 3 to launch a new third generation (3G) handset featuring two built-in cameras. NEC's e808Y has two separate cameras, one to capture video clips and conduct video calls; another to take still pictures. In addition to the twin lenses, the new PDA-like handset features a full Qwerty keyboard and an email program that enables users to access email over 3's 3G network.

:: McDonald's is hoping to speed up service at its 1,250 UK restaurants by equipping staff with queue-busting handheld devices. The orders will be entered into an Intranet and sent to the kitchen over a wireless network. Apparently the devices will be in use at all UK restaurants by the end of the year.

:: The Information Commissioner Richard Thomas is looking for courts to impose harsher penalties on businesses that breach data protection regulations, and to make compliance with the law more straightforward.
:: The Recording Industry Association of America, has sent out 'information subpoenas' to ISPs, which they must comply with under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, forcing them to reveal the identities of file-swappers where copyright infringements are suspected. The news follows on from the RIAA's pledge to track down individuals that are guilty of mass piracy, marking a shift in focus towards end users, rather than the file-swapping networks that have taken most of the flak since hostilities began.

:: Yahoo! has announced an expanded agreement with FIFA to produce and host the FIFA Women's World Cup USA Web site, as well as multiple events in the run up to the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany. The newly launched Web site has four main sections: Tournament, Pure Football, Entertainment and Destination USA, each with a wide range of content including player profiles, exclusive interviews and official statistics. Content is accessible worldwide and will be produced in English, simplified Chinese, and German.