... worth noting 6/6/03



:: British mobile phone developer Sendo has filed a lawsuit against Orange over its Microsoft-powered SPV Smartphone. Apparently the company tried to settle the dispute over an alleged patent infringement with the company directly, but has now taken the matter to the High Court. It's seeking damages and an injunction to prevent Orange from selling the SPV, until an outcome or settlement has been decided.

:: Google and Lycos Europe have announced an agreement that will see Google provide relevant content-targeted ads to the member pages of Lycos Tripod. Apparently as soon as a Lycos Tripod member page is viewed, Google's content-targeted advertising service identifies the meaning of the Web page and then automatically serves relevant text-based ads to the viewer on the right side of the page. Content-targeted advertising service will be available on Lycos Tripod in the UK and Germany immediately, and will be introduced in France in July, followed by Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Sweden in August.

:: Companies are to be given the opportunity to sponsor text messages reminding NHS patients of their appointments after a new deal struck by mobile marketing specialist Enpocket. Designed to reduce the number of missed appointments, the scheme is estimated to cost the NHS more than £400m per year. An initial test carried out at Homerton Hospital found that the text message reminders significxantly reduced non-attendance.

:: BT customers are finding that their email is being blocked as spam by a blacklist service because it says BT's email servers are 'insecure or abuseable'

:: New anti-spam laws being ushered in later this year are expected to have a massive impact on genuine email marketers. The EU directive, which defines spam as any unsolicited mail, is set to become law at the end of October, and could result in any marketing emailers being taken to court.