... worth noting 9/5/03



:: Freeserve and alternative music Web site Playlouder have joined forces in a bid to broadcast the Glastonbury Festival over the Internet, enabling those music fans that missed out on the rush for tickets to watch performances online. Under the deal, Playlouder will manage the filming and streaming of the event in conjunction with Freeserve, which it selected as the festival's official online partner.

:: Online auctioneer QXL is to investigate a Polish court ruling that appears to have found CEO Mark Zaleski guilty of using a forged document to gain a say in the management of the company's Polish operation.

:: Microsoft has said that a security breach in its Passport online identity service has exposed personal information, e-mail accounts and registered credit card information for an undisclosed number of users. The software giant has said that it has already fixed the flaw, which affected potentially all of its active 200m Passport accounts.

:: Tiscali has become the latest ISP to cap its Anytime unmetered Internet service at 150 hours a month.

:: Pay-for-listings search firm Overture is to cut around 100 jobs or 10% of its workforce as it integrates the operations of two acquisitions made earlier this year, and expects to launch the first integrated product within three months.
:: The online leg of The Wall Street Journal has began offering stock quotes and snippets of its news stories to users of AOL Instant Messenger, in an attempt to attract new subscribers to its site.

:: The BBC has set up a World War Two Reunited Web site. The project is part of the BBC's plans to commemorate next year's 60th anniversary of the D-Day landings. Second World War veterans will be asked to recount their experiences on the battlefield as a lasting memorial to Britain's war heroes. Users will be able to look up their unit, and add their own memories to the site. Apparently, staff in libraries and the Imperial War Museum will be trained to help elderly veterans use the Web site.