... worth noting 9/6/03



:: Several large UK banks have scrapped their WAP-banking services this week following poor take up by customers, despite the fact that the new breed of mobile phones are likely to result in a surge in wireless Internet usage. Halifax and Abbey National have discontinued their WAP services.

:: Celador, the producer of ITV's Who Wants to be a Millionaire? gameshow has joined forces with Whoosh, a new company formed by the former Channel Five deputy marketing director, David Bainbridge, to allow users to answer questions worth £1,000 and upwards on the show. Would-be millionaires will be able to test their skills in real time by texting through the answers in special codes on their mobile phones The game will cost £1 a time to play plus the standard cost of each text message and the person who answers the most questions in the shortest amount of time will win £1,000.

:: Microsoft is planning to sell new software to cable TV companies in an effort to gain a stronger foothold in the industry. Apparently Bill Gates is expected to unveil the software at an annual US cable industry meeting. The new package, called Microsoft TV Foundation, is designed to make it easier for cable customers to access videos and other services on demand.

:: The latest survey conducted by Internet security company Symantec Corp has revealed that four out of every five children receive inappropriate spam touting get-rich-quick schemes, loan programs, and pornographic material.