WRX NOAA band antenna



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OpenBox X5 on a 1 meter motorized dish.
And now a 10 foot "C" band dish.

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Deep in the Boonies in the central Sierra Nevada mountains of California.
OK kids here is a rough sketch of my MK 10 antenna, it works very good at my location, when I have time I will do a better one.

I dont know what size your PVC pipe is over there but the US size was 3/4 inch.

The aluminum plate for the ground radials is held in plce by a 3/4 inch threaded female PVC connector with a conduit connector screwed into it.

It is grounded to the TV type coax ground block, 75 ohm coax is used, the better the coax the better the signal.

The active elements are combined for a 1/2 wave center fed dipole, one set are for the bottom end of the band the second set is for the top end of the band.

A 300 ohm to 75 ohm TV baulin coil is used to combine everything, a TV coax ground block is attached to the metal mounting mast, and run to a good Earth ground.


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