Xtreme+season+skycrypt/joker or MR:-30W OK


DB Magician
Emulatorek 10a with skycrypt (joker soft 0.78) clearing D+ and tv cabo. Irdeto Settings custom = 4800 both,8,none,10. Nag au selected. Select nag in cam menu for no freeze.

Also WCE 9.2 with MR clearing the same with conax mode settings 9600,even, direct and #serdebug.....No freeze. Of course this is now redundant with MR 106 out !

In both cases change pc comport settings accordingly. Switch on channel first and keep pulling the season in and out until it smiles back. Also check that the connection is good, i.e. the season light is on. I had to cut the corners of my card to push it in another 2 mm or so before the light came on ! Good luck!