You Can Be A Millionaire With Sky Bet



Sky launches the UK’s largest interactive TV jackpot game ever!

Sky digital brings the thrill of winning a million through the TV to living rooms across the UK and Ireland with the launch today of its latest TV betting game, “Sky Bet Millions”.

Viewers in over 6.7 million digital satellite homes now have the chance to win up to £1,000,000 cash from a stake of just £1 – the biggest interactive TV jackpot ever!

Sky Bet Millions is the latest easy-to-play fixed-odds game to launch on Sky digital played using the Sky remote control and has a similar feel to bingo.

Each player chooses a card with a grid of numbers between 1 and 90. Of the 90 number, 15 are highlighted in yellow on screen. Once the player is happy with their selected card, the game begins. As the draw starts 90 numbered balls are drawn at random. The numbers are automatically matched to the highlighted numbers on the player’s chosen card as they are drawn. The quicker the player’s 15 numbers are matched, the more cash the player wins. If the 15 numbers are matched within 30 balls being drawn, the player wins £1 million from a £1 stake!

Nick Rust, Sky Bet’s Managing Director, said, “For the first time, Sky viewers will be able to actually win a million using their TV remote. It’s the biggest cash jackpot on offer in the UK via interactive TV. What’s more, it’s easy to play and gamers will get a return on every single card they play With a similar feel to the increasingly cool national institution that is bingo, we believe Sky Bet Millions will be a real winner with players across the UK.”

How to win a million

Sky Bet Millions is the latest edition to Sky Bet Vegas – Sky digital’s interactive TV games and betting service.

£1 is all that is necessary for the chance to win the £1 million jackpot – but viewers can play for as little as 20p a game.

To win the £1 million jackpot, all 15 numbers must be matched within the first 30 balls drawn by the Sky Bet computer.

Cash prizes vary and depend on the original stake placed - the quicker you match all the highlighted numbers, the more you win. Any stake over £1 can pay out the maximum jackpot of £1million, but by selecting a higher stake, gamers can win higher payouts on other cash prizes.

In addition, if a player matches the full card within 85 of the 90 numbers drawn they will at least get their original stake back, and even if it takes over 85 balls drawn to complete the card, half the original stake is still returned.

NB: If the player doesn’t like the look of the first card they are shown, they can keep pressing the green button to choose a card that they are happy with.


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