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Dear Ray

Thank you for your e-mail concerning the RTÉ signal and
Sky Digital. Apologies for the delay in responding due
to the fact that receives hundreds of e-
mails every week.

As you are probably aware, over 99% of all households
in the Republic of Ireland can access the RTÉ signal
though set top or roof top aerials. If householders
opt to receive their television signals through cable
or satellite distribution that is their choice. They
are doing so primarily to receive additional non-Irish
originated channels (such as BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky,
MTV, etc.) Householders pay an annual fee for this
service. If you do not wish to pay this annual fee you
have the option of relying on a roof top aerial to
receive your RTÉ 1, Network 2, TG4 and TV3 signal.

If you are in the 1% category of households that has
problems receiving your signal from terrestrial sources
you have a different problem. If you let us know your
address our Reception Investigation Engineers can look
into your particular case and see if anything can be
done for you. However it is physically impossible to
provide signals to 100% of households and your house
may unfortunately be in that tiny number that cannot
receive your television signal through an aerial.

If this is the case then I am afraid you have no option
but to pay either Chorus, NTL or Sky - whichever of
them can provide you with a service.

At some stage in the future Irish television will be
available through digital transmission, either
terrestrial or satellite. This should resolve your
problem, but it is definitely a number of years away.

If you let me have the location of your house I will
see if anything can be done about your reception
through the assistance of our Reception Investigations
Department. If you wish to contact them directly, I
suggest that you e-mail Bernie Pope on:-

Again, apologies for the delay in responding to your e-

Yours sincerely

RTÉ Communications

Quoting Ray.

> As I live in a part of the country where RTE
> reception is very poor via roof top aerial /
> rabbit ears, the only way to see RTE is via SKY
> digital. This is a very expensive as I also pay
> my TV license as well, and as I am due to be out
> of work soon I canceled my subscription to SKY
> to keep household costs down. It now seems that
> in order to continue to view RTE, SKY say that I
> must also re subscribe to one of their packages.
> Can this be true? as I feel that I would be
> paying twice, ( license fee+ SKY ) when all I
> want is to view RTE.
> Also I did call Chorus and asked for a
> connection to the basic package and was told
> that RTE was not available on their basic
> package. To receive RTE with them I would have
> to rent a top of the range Digital Box, three
> times more expensive than their normal Box.
> It seems to me that a lot of people are making
> money by PROVIDING RTE to RTE's customers. And
> at the same time RTE seems to be unable to make
> money. I shall not be renewing my TV license and
> hope to see you in court, maybe then you will
> answer my e-mail, as I have sent this E-mail on
> four occasions and never received a reply.
> P.S. To the Boss of RTE..If you need any help
> running this company give me a shout, I'm sure I
> could do a better job.
> Ray
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How far is the closest person to you that CAN receive RTE through their TV aerial ?


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Channel Hopper said:
How far is the closest person to you that CAN receive RTE through their TV aerial ?

Don’t know….Only me and a few banjo players living up these here hills

Things haven’t been the same since those government men brought up that fangled elect—trisity.

BillyBob and BillyJoe who live up the track Don’t have a TV….Never let one of them get behind, you unless you like to squeal like a pig.