Zenit cameras.

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Pace 2200 Sky digibox with ftv card, Comag SL65 FTA sat receiver, 40cm Sky minidish, Setpal terrestrial receiver (for free uk tv only!).
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(Photography, but still retro tech!).

These were the cheapest SLRs you could buy, but built like a tank, and weighed about the same. Taking the lens off mine was a bit like lifting the engine out of a car. Took good pics, but difficult to lift up - never mind hold and point - the idea of taking it on holiday was a bit silly.

www.rus-camera.com/camera.php?page=zenit .

I was amazed to find these were very well thought of, and modern versions are still being produced!

Mine was one of these:

www.zenit.istra.ru/mans/zenit-e/zenit-e-eng.html .

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A little less analogue, and a lot more crap.
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UK South
I had a Practika SLR, (probably still in he shed somewhere)
Was really cheap,

all the screws fell out and were lost on overseas trips - patched up with tape and a bit of glue -

got sand in it from many beaches - I simply washed it in the sink -

Being a thread lens system, any replacement was exceedingly cheap -

but it worked for years, and upon reflection never actually went wrong.