Zeta cam and radix dt-43



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I have bought new Zetacam version Rev 2.01 ansd soft 0.78 have problem that he can not excess with radix in cas1 but in cas2 it shows identies , but if in cas1 Irdeto cam put the receiver hanged and also cas2 zetacam no more there , ok yet other problem , if only zetacam in all mode read not fun cards , but if irdeto-a or b or c then open channals but if goes up or down no more cam there , what could it be , have to update my cam or receiver has problem , please tell me what to do,
second where to find updates for zeta cam or radix , some bodt told me if 0.79 ver then perhapes it will work fine , what is diffrence between 0.77 0.78 0.79 0.91
my zetacam is yellow coverd and also p/n prd-caxx-0100. what is the real cam is that , cryptworks or x-free or joker , iam confuse , is there any one willing to helpit out , thanks in regards