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    The Livington Handy Heater

    Could always try one of these fun little heaters, I bought one of the bigger ones myself, only set fire to the wiring once!!! :-rofl2
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    Advice Needed Cell Phone Reception with a beam

    You should be careful when looking into boosters and powered repeaters that aren't wired into the device, as a lot of them are not approved for use in the UK (or anywhere really!!!), owing to being problematic with adding noise onto or swamping out the already weak bands you're trying to boost...
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    What music are you playing 23

    Current listening material; Amy Macdonald's latest album, The Human Demands (and rather fanboying cos I now have a signed copy of her lyric book pages showing her work!!!)...
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    Win10 install - how low can you go? Attempt 2 - Toshiba Equium A100-027 laptop

    Looks like a Pentium Dual-Core T2060 at 1.6GHz: Speedy... :lol:
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    Just Sharing This Something useful for the garage/workshop

    Here's another useful thing for a garage, workshop, dark attic or dank cellar, indoor sunlight, which just so happens to use a satellite dish: Assuming you could bring yourself to actually use a dish to turn into such a thing of course... :blink:
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    He'll Know When it starts

    Darwin awards thread? :-rofl2
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    The Other Side of Mount Rushmore - Maybe!

    Did Canada have to pay for it? :-rofl2
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    Fire woods

    Looks like an OCD person's coppice dream, with those uniform rows of trees... :lol: As for woodgas, make electrickeries with it!!!:
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    Amstrad fidelity sky dish

    Reminds me of when I wanted to save the Amstrad Fidelity dish I played with back in Lancashire that was on the house at the time, had to move out as it was sold, and the new owner kindly took it down for me, and completely wrecked the thing in the process, granted it was probably rusted to heck...
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    Very old sky box

    Reading through this oddly reminded me of those Pace miniboxes, never did get myself one of those, pointless now though!!! :confused
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    Trabant is the German word for satellite

    And the Trabant is still a stinky car...
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    Motorola visar walkie talkie

    Plenty youtubers who enjoy playing with radios, if they're interested you could probably flog them off to them for video-making purposes...
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    Odd tv oddity

    Yep, if you look at the sensor with a camera, you can see the IR LED blinking away akin to a remote control's IR LED... :)
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    Odd tv oddity

    Thoughts are the phone has an infrared emitter and receiver combo, the two little holes to the left of the earpiece, to detect when you place the phone next to your ear and shut off the screen (so you're not accidentally face-dialling mid-call), it's possible the television is picking this IR...