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    Opps Videogard

    Oppps hmmm its all gone Videogard guess thats the end for a wile! Has any one got a link or any info on the matter?
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    U-Cas Embeded

    Hi Folks I have a problem with my U-Cas Embeded cam Reading any FUN/TIT cards I can program the cards and they read fine in my matrix cam but when it comes to the U-Cas Embeded cam it wont read them. Do i need to load a U-Cas flash to the card then a eeprom key or should it just work with a fun...
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    Titanium Recovery Tool

    ive uses the dinamite software that seems to do the trick to
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    Conax Back

    whats the difrence between mll ans tit cards?
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    conax programmer required

    there are a few sites out there that have software im sure if you search you will fined
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    Technical guide to satellite encryption and keys?

    hi ive found a few sites with keys but cant seem to get any of them to work im not sure why this is or if they are just out of date any help would be apretiated
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    Technical guide to satellite encryption and keys?

    thanks also thats a great link