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    Orbit Dubai Footprint in India ??

    hi afancier,how do u track from one bird to another,in ku band dish,by tilting up & down or side ways,left to right or vice versa.....Normally for C Band,we track by tilting up & down.please let me know ,as i want to track other birds in ku band,iam based in chennai.
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    Tuning two satelites in a single dish.

    so dude which bird r u watching from ur 8 feet,dish,,have u tried adding extra lnb's to catch other shar ur expereince
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    c+ku band reception

    iam not able to receive ku band signals in my 12 feet mesh prime focusdish antenna,while the c band is perfect,i have attached this new Yuri c/Ku band LNBF.Yet iam not able to catch ku it bcoz of the mesh or alignment of LNBkindly pls help me to get the ku signalsregardsarshad
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    Tuning two satelites in a single dish.

    hello nusrath,,if u r in chennai,,it think it will be very poor reception with 6 feetdish.....iam using 12 the reception is really good...@ 26.0E
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    FTA sports channels in India

    There are few available from Arabsat(BadrC)26.0 East.Dubai Sports & Al Jazeera Sports.
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    C/ku Band Reception

    friends hi all..iam new to this site.....i have 12 feet prime focus mesh dish antenna,currently receiving channels from Asiasat 2 100.5 recently i bought this Yuri c/ku band Lnb.and installed,with c bandworking perfectly.......but i am not able to receive any ku band signals.neither from the...