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    A Viagra joke

    Not in Berlin they don't ;-))
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    I'm really dissapointed...

    Funny, my last rented house in East Ham ended the same way. I asked the management co. what the house would cost to buy - they said GBP87,000 [read: WTF cheap]. That was only six years ago. If I had had the money I would have bought, but my lacky boyfriend was on the dole so that didn't go...
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    Firefox speed up procedure

    I am not claiming anything here - BUT - I swear that FF 3 Alpha 3 is fast - like faster than my Maxthon browser ;-(( Check it out/download here Apparently all the new stuff [at this alpha stage] is back of house - but try it anyways ;-))
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    New Budweiser advert

    If you go to the guinness website, you can make your own commercial :-O .
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    Subs vs dubs

    I learnt yesterday that 'Life On Mars' (that BBC 70's cop show) is airing on Kabel1 in Germany and dubbed. How that's going to translate - I have no idea. Next week, I'll record an ep and come back ....
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    Remote Control Inventor Dies

    I was always curious about those ultrasound remotes - partly because the sender looked like a larger electret condenser microphone without black gauze. Plus the usual, playing around with wall reflections, obstructions, etc. Whatever: never liked them. OT: its was only when I bought a digital...
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    I'm really dissapointed...

    I hated fractions when I was younger. It took my mother, not the teacher, to teach them to me. I was a quiet boy back then (and in a shit maths class full of yobs). Excellent tutorial here for those who wish to induce an anxiety attack once more [read: drag up dark memories of an awful middle...
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    Riding a chopper

    Slightly disappointed - then I realised I wasn't on Xtube, LOL. .
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    A Viagra joke

    I wish I could walk into a pharmacy and ask for a box of the blue V. You can't even buy Asprin in a supermarket here ;-((( .
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    subsided V unsubsided sky box

    I'll believe you. For a standard install:- For a FreeSat install (for GBP150.00) Uuumm, major dilema :-O .
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    Virgin Media (former ntl/telewest) set to remove sky channels

    One should be careful using that kind of language. I am not a monkey - even if I claim to be one. [edit: put in a unix friendly smilie ;-))) ] .
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    Woe is me

    I'd never heard of someone using a screen wiper as a sat motor - till today ....... LOL. .
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    Woe is me

    Very Odd?? Seems like the connection comes and goes - much like a radar, lol. If the above link didn't work try this one instead .
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    Before U load Vista

    Doesn't sound good at all for SPDIF fans. If my PC was in the same room as my SPDIF SONY AMP - I would have hooked-up my PC. OT: Content protection was employed on SPDIF by SONY as anyone with a MD Recorder will testify (there was a useful board that could be made or a blackbox bought till SONY...
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    best anti spam software

    If you are picking up your mail regularly using an email program on your PC - why not make the switch to Thunderbird from Mozilla ?? The local spam protection is intuitive and learning; albeit, it requires some user input [read: treat this post as spam]. You have full control over what to do...