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    oscam + emm update

    when i am using oscam i see client is using card when i am using cccam i see just number or ecms and on mine url u see there is "received emm from client" point is they didnt mentioned which way outside 28 east or @ 28 east. Well truth is nothing really happen i will loose entitlements i...
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    ZEE News launches on Sky

    What is the sense of posting if what is posted will be cut by 50%? So do I just have to provide a direct URL?
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    How To Re-Install Barry Allen?

    well i got unlucky with mine dm800 HDD stoped working dont how how i just had to reinitialize HDD HDD was working ok but i was unable to go back to mine current image after strong reboot so was back to flash whole setup is on OE 1.6 Inside flash is sitting Ozoon image 2011 yes its old but this...
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    BSkyB new pairing

    in mine native board some1 confirms that received new card but didnt reported how card looks he confirms also that using new pairing u will not open HD channels. For what this card need 17 chid tiers
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    oscam + emm update

    its only LOOKS LIKE possible by cccam when u allow emms thru client and checking that board from mine link looks like some1 does it u can update mine own subscription not using 13 east just using cccam Oscam well i left with AU=1 means active but dvbapi is not active via client its only via...
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    ZEE News launches on Sky

    old news i didnt noticed that Hindi news service, ZEE News has made a surprise launch on the Sky Digital EPG today. The channel, which was testing for the past couple of weeks has officially made its launch on EPG 856. Currently, it is simulcasting with the main India service but BizAsia...
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    oscam + emm update

    No - and here you will see whats up The point is you never know when emm will drop on card .
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    oscam + emm update

    how ? what index do i need to edit/add to line if you know Cccam tell me what index do i need to add in cccam line as example local box which is main connector using line C: ip port login pass and after pass i saw in Cccam faq this : according to Cccam fAQ syntax for to add a friend user...
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    oscam + emm update

    yes but mine point is receiver 1 local with other card receiver 1 local bskyb now receiver 1 see local bskyb as hop1 both connected receiver 1 is cccam receiver 2 is oscam i was reading that some option in cccam allows u to SEND emm to "receiver owner of card" means some1 is using YOUR...
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    oscam + emm update

    is that possible using Oscam that if we set card as dvbapi account = emm update but we wont use 28 east emm will be dropping on card? or we have to use 28?
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    Sky TV to increase subscription prices by 10% from September

    Well i just read that Kangaroo wanted to capture C+ Espana but sources says that talks are discontinued. Ii hope it wont happen. Some Spanish said if Kangaroo will enter to Spain he will regret it for sure. BTW prices for BskyB ppl which living in Ireland are paying using euros what price...
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    Premier League Italian rights

    You can watch Bundesliga on Eurosport2 anywhere
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    SKY Box Office Credit

    u are simply using stagnation thats what i can tell bout this + i even didnt saw that Sky Box Office became Sky Movies office and where is content schedule? and why BskyB is using just 2 channels and still keeping about 20 in SD.
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    SportAmerica will replace ESPN america HD

    Source are in german so i need permission in herre by MR Wrong :) b4 i will paste whole source otherwise there will no news bout that. This news belongs to German market only.
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    vu+ duo2

    1st video VU+ duo2 anga is starting 4th till 6th price can start from 499 euros. We'll know more during anga days.