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    Romanian channels on 16E

    ok thanks for that.
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    Romanian channels on 16E

    Hi guys, I have been out of the scene for a while now and I have just started again.I still have my Dream 7000s although I have not used if for a good year or so now. It looks like I am getting Romanian visitors for quite a while soon so I need to ask the question. Is my dream still capable of...
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    TomTom Go 500

    Just a note if you are buying second hand Tom Tom's. I had problems with camera updates after buying a second hand Tom Tom. Un be known to me the previous owner had "locked" the Tom Tom to his email addy.Tom Tom will only allow 2 changes with any Tom Tom unit.For example changing Pc's to accept...
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    Bush HD Freesat box problem

    No the lip sync issue is still outstanding. Got this reply yesterday 14/7/08 Thank you for your email There are a small number of our customers experiencing an issue with certain TVs We are aware of this issue and we are working on a solution for this There will be another OTA update in the...
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    In car Road Angel 6000 any good

    The 6000 has a slow processor. The 7000 is much better.
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    Freesat STBs and Disecq

    Yes Robbo. The option for freesat or non freesat setting is in the menu. Non freesat gives you all the pre loaded sat positions.
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    Freesat STBs and Disecq

    The Humax box will give you all the capabilities of multi sat reception as well as being able to tune into any FTA High def transmissions on other sats.I have it set up on my motorised dish.It has all the sat positions pre set into it.
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    Secret menu on Humax Freesat box. For DiSEqC & USALS

    To access the hidden menu for diseqc settings and usals Press Menu Setup Freesat tune then press Red Button Green Button Yellow Button Blue Button Green Button Yellow Button Blue Button Then the Antenna settings option should appear. and then you can access the Antenna Settings part of the...