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    Naughty Naughty. VW caught with dodgy device in cars.

    Bosch gave the firmware,and i suppose the updates that frequently are installed at vw service vw is fully responsible for the programming or bosch is under the orders of vw.either way everyone at the German knew.
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    Naughty Naughty. VW caught with dodgy device in cars.

    The most awful cars are those manufactured from vw group.overpriced,overestimated and with ridiculously untrustworthy engines.NEVER NEVER NEVER again the same mistake.and I am writing in mid priced cars up to golf.
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    Moroccan tv broadcast

    I am receiving it in Greece, Preveza from yahsat marginal with 90cm
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    Greece's state broadcaster ERT returns two years after austerity shut down

    The same MUST be for everyone that has debt.or greek debt is something else than lets say British debt?
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    Brake Pads

    I am laughing with your MOT,I believed that greek MOT was worst.anyway,only for the money are useful
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    Sky (UK) continental Europe subscriber count

    I don't believe that in Cyprus ( as I read in greek forums about reception of 28.2) would be someone with sky subscription.
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    Astra 2E: Scandinavia & Baltics Reports

    Like southeast "europe?",someone doesn't even care for the thousands expats in Greece (Corfu,kefalonia,Zante,Crete do have something ,those in Rhodes kos and at least east Crete are lost) and in Cyprus.i don't think that is at the general mood of hating Greeks.for European beams without...
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    Astra 2E: Central & East Europe Reports

    2 weeks ago I have changed the cable with the best low loss i could get.i will try to make a better alignment if that's the problem
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    Astra 2E: Central & East Europe Reports

    Last 10 days I have lost everything over 12500.with sat Finder near the dish I can lock several frequencies ,but with dm800 nothing.2e has very bad behavior .
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    Astra 1N at 19.2E

    10729 was invisible even at my sat explorer,now a healthy 14dB
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    Astra 1N at 19.2E

    11836,light rain now western Greece 14dB
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    Sky uk from cyprus!

    The footprint seems to be better,here north western Greece we will be at the highest power beam but Athens is out of is insane,in straight line we are about 200km it is impossible to even guess.hope for the better
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    Astra 1N moving to 19.2E

    Thank God that they will not use spot beam
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    Astra 2E: Central & East Europe Reports

    I believe that we ,at the edges of reception ,shouldn't give any positive feedback because ses punish us for that awful thing