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    sorry found the response by my self.. just do edit in channel properties the ecm for every channel.. and enjoy.. thx
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    Hi all, i use progdvb 4,47 ss2 and CAPI.. till yesterday everything was clear,but now i can't see taqui lla on 19.2e.. i tried a re-scan of channels, but it's the same... any suggestion is highly appreciated.. thx bye bye
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    Here's the LIGHT!!!!

    :) hi all, finally there's light.. for me it works with SS2, ProgDVB4.47 and look at this h**p:// tested and really works, just unrar in the root dir of progdvb... enjoy bye bye PS hope it lasts a bit..
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    pc satellite

    Hi, are u able to install a pci card such as SkyStar 2?? have u got the dish installed properly? I've done this way: contacted a technician for installation of the dish and wiring to my house near the PC, then i installed myself the pci card and setup the app to watch satellite channels...
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    Hot Nanos

    Hi all, i'm sorry for my previous post. Please look at this: h**p:// Is something interesting or not? Can be used to see some more channels? How? Thx all, bye bye
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    DVB Software

    Thx, I'm going to try just by now.. bye bye
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    DVB Software

    Thx kalamar, SS2 is not the best card? I thought it was.. ok I'll read the posts, but when I said "recently things got worse" I meant when I have changed the version of progdvb (or it was at this point that I have stated problems..)... You use ProgDVB too? which ver? and which ver of SS2 driver...
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    DVB Software

    Hi all, I was happily using ProgDVB for over 6 months, but now recently things got worst since with the latest ver of all (driver SS2, ProgDVB) my PC gets very slowly and unstable when I'm watching sat with ProgDVB. Internet connection freezes and I can only use PC for TV and not for doing more...
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    Sky Star 2

    Yes, you can: you need: a dvb software such as ProgDVB for example a plugin called s2emu (look in the forum for links to download sites) a file called softcam.key (look in the forum for links to download sites) At the moment not all encrypted channels can be cleared... search through the...
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    ProgDVB freezes Internet Connection

    Thanks rossy, i have amd 64 bit 1024 mb ram only norton AV installed... I have to set priority to real time or something else? thx a lot..
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    ProgDVB freezes Internet Connection

    Hi, I have noticed that when I use progdvb my internet connection frozes.. I have: ProgDVB ver 4.44.2 SS2 driver ver 4.2.10 s2e*u 1.08 latest sof*cam k*y from mach1 (24.10.04) windows xp pro sp2 adsl router working perfectly without progdvb running issue stated also with loss of data in P2P...
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    All plugin necessary??

    Hi I have SS2 with ProgDVB installed everything worked ok till some weeks ago. I have read posts regarding latest changes but I still have 1 question: what plugin do I need? I mean I need all plugins available (s2emu, yankse, fenhir, softCI, via**.dll, SHL.dll... and so on..) or 1 is for all...
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    NEW S2EMU with Cyfra

    That's great... but 1 question now i have all plugin installed, but i can't see Fu**X.. latest sof^am, but no view.. what's wrong?
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    ProgDVB, EzDVB, DVBViewer, which is best?

    Hi, I'm stuck with progDVB till no one fixes S*y Ita or taqui**a.. hoping a new s2emu coming soon. Perhaps ezDVBXL is working better with encrypted channels? what plugin I need to make it works? thx
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    New s2emu

    Hi, really s2emu 1.080 fixes taqui**a or s*y i*a? has someone tested it? i can't at the moment, but i'm very curious.. bye bye