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    Albaniansat Irdero2 on 16Est

    If you mean on Digit-ALB [ top channel, Digi+,Digi Autor.....] thay work in Conax on new conax card type , reading data from parser thay use only this sys no any other, card[orginal] can't work on old conax3.03 module [tested] as i know shud be in use script for date upgrade , but i didnt test...
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    C60 LCD driver doc

    Does anyone have tech data for siemens C60 LCD display driver ??? I need tham for soeme project . I thray to find but have no luck , just for nokia 3310 LCD i find tech data . regards
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    Does Multivision Work with humax 5400 ??

    as I can see it works !!!!! on H5400 toH3.2 emu1.8(9) regards
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    Seca2 deryption algorithm?

    few days before become i public S2 emu this year was publish on net S2 source code whith complete keys and Tabeles in C++. And on the end S2 calculation is not so simple as S1 have few calculation "levels" and 2 different "sys" included S1 & RSA + soeme other additions.I'm shure that you...
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    Seca 2 Hollanda

    just keys or... whole needed data for succesefull decryption !?? just told us how many keys you got per provider !!!!!?????????? regards
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    TPS Viaccess

    exept MM , or similar fammily of cams you can also view tps crypt on conax cam .As i saw yesterday thay are still in tps crypt, but anyway correct solved fw shud have no problem whith identification via /tps cript , so yesterday become new key ,seems thay start to use key udate in shother...
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    clone seca

    you dont need for UA/ppua, num of providers, date, names of providers , keys in use per provider any "spetial" sw , just log card and read data !!!!I where hope that i explain whole about that data , for that you can use even old seca1 loggers cose this mode is same for seca1 and seca2 cards...
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    Silvercard Programming!!

    open ext eeprom file whith hex edtor or picbin editor or hackman or any similar sw and you will easy chek what you got inside , cose key's and IDs are usualy (in most emulators) placed there !!!!! regards
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    I want to re-flash my irdeto cam .. which s/w is better?

    if you didnt find use xaload11(dos program) much better and 10 times quicker than windows flasher for irdeto cam's . And dont need to use refrigerator as whith windows SW. regards
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    Program Silver or Gold!!

    anyone who ever made SW for autorespone programmer knows that only few % of GW cards have ID placed by manfacturer in MCU , and that about 10% got ID 0560 , iD for pic16f877 is quite different and cant be mixed if is programming SW corectly maded . That custom ask is this, every microchip (but...
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    clone seca

    Is quite simple as we know that card must send to cam that data to be update key , finaly to be working (spetialy in gbox) , so just read out data that your card send to cam before start first ecm , you will read out ua, per provider ppua, per provider PBM cose card must send it to cam ...
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    newbie question about the 6-in-1 file

    @radiotech reverse , he got "funkction" !!!!! problem is beacose his sys filters (CAIDs) are real in funkction , not out of as you mean !!! In soeme recivers patch mask it and than you can use your irdeto euro cam as freecam eg. regards
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    Generaly , you shud be careful about upgrading reciver whith any file type , to be shure if you have no expiriante , wait a one or 2 days to see what will other people told about it than use it or not. Diferentie of bin/hex file (you mean propably on intel hex 8 type for computer is only one...
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    bin files for srt8000

    Does soemone got orginaly bin files for gboxes srt800 ver 26 (or similar) for ICs M29w800AB , i where thray whith soeme files finding on spanish sat-tv pages but seems , thay are not OK(propably got header for bootloader added). regards
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    How can I update a viaccess cam?

    also on HTV1 for 484 v1.07