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    Please Help! - ITV Partner packet 16E

    Hi, Forgive me for any mistakes as this is my first post. Location: Liverpool, UK From Total TV Bulgaria (formerly ITV Partner), I have a Digitavio S1 CX receiver, a 80 cm dish, with which my local satellite installers have tried the following combinations of LNBs: a) 2 x Sharp BS1R9EL100A...
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    Live football 21st & 22nd

    From 20:00 hrs (Bulgarian Time - UK+2) on 20AUG04 BBT are starting to broad cast with encription.
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    Bulgarian Channel BBT (Balkan Bulgarian Television)

    Hi :) , Can anybody help me find out how to receive BBT (Balkan Bulgarian Television). I currently have a subscription to ITV Partner Digital Satellite ( company Bulgaria (Eutelsat W2 16oE & Hotbirds 13oE), but this channel is not part of their package. I purchased their...
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    Connax title for bulgarian tv

    I've just bought the ITV Partner subscription which includes Planeta TV in the package. Unfortunately they will not just sell the smart card and subscription on their own and you have to purchase with their receiver. See for more information. The package I subscribed to...
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    Help! Can I receive Bulgarian TV in the UK?

    Hi Thanks for the help to date. If a channel is encoded with 'cryptoworks' how do I proceed? Sorry to sound so dumb, but this really is brand new to me. Thanks in advance. :confused:
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    Help! Can I receive Bulgarian TV in the UK?

    Hi, I am totally new to all of this, but really would appreciate any help or advice in receiving Bulgarian TV in the UK. I currently have just a Sky dish and box, but am willing to purchase new equipment if necessary (where's best to buy?). I know there is an operator called...