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    Reference satellite in West Africa.

    Ho HI Jack I'll definitely have a look at 36E later Thanks
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    Reference satellite in West Africa.

    HI all its been a while, hopefully all you guys are still doing good.. I have been travelling now for some years and at the moment I'm on a vessel in West Africa just of the coast of Equatorial guinea, Cameroon and Nigeria. I have been asked to set up the satellite system as the crew of the...
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    28.2 in south holland.

    Hopefully a 60 cm will I'll get on the ball tomorrow
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    28.2 in south holland.

    Hi guy's. . It's been a while, what dish size is currently needed for the rotterdam area with the new spot beam being in place? Cheers lad's Chris
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    need a card

    Hi all. Im after a sky box and card paired off if possible its for rte in london as im missing the football this season..drop me a line if you can help.ive tried the saorsat in north london and no joy. chris
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    Motorised Dish Re-Alignment - Belfast

    Hi lee. Sorry about not getting to you sooner please contact me to arrange things. Chris Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Skybox F3

    Guys having problems loading the .cfg file via usb what are you guys naming the file via usb?
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    Motorised Setup - Belfast

    Excellent tx guys.... pm sent
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    Motorised Setup - Belfast

    Ross could you enable Pm for contact..If you have any questions in the meantime geo shot away. also thanks to the guys for the pm's.. chris
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    Saorview Sound & Epg, But No Picture

    Get yourself a freeview HD receiver this will get saorview from Roi and from divis transmitter in ni. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Motorised Dish Re-Alignment - Belfast

    Contact made...
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    New Forum Format>

    It looks well.....
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    best LNB for the fringe satellite reception

    There is a thread for the triax td110 using a coin on the back of the arm to improve the focal point of the dish I myself use this trick as it really works giving an improvement on focal point easy but very affective. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Luddite Questions

    The first thing I would do is see if you're allowance allows data as they will hammer you for using data if not inclusive. Next step would be a cheap android phone the galaxy young springs to mind £80 and worth the money for you needs you could also install tapatalk app for quick access to the...
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    Help specifying what equipment I need

    I agree with paul. Your going to be much better waiting for a short time and see what happens with the new beam. Also have a think of what other satellites you would like to receive if you do go for the gibi you spacing would be 20° either 10° either side from 28.2° or 20° either way. Most...