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    New Vu+ Duo owner - first impressions.

    Sorry to hear your are not getting as much out of your new receiver as you would have liked. I've noticed the most recent two images from VIX have had problems. Prior to that, I'd never seen any green screening. I've also had good experiences with OpenPLi images. I cant comment on BH because I...
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    Laptop Blues - Reformat and Windows Activation

    It sounds like the article here might be what you are after. _ Its quite a lengthy process, but it seems to have cured the problem for someone who described a problem similar to what you have.
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    Everyone please spare a thought for those on the other side of the world.

    Thats interesting, I didnt know that there was a buildup of smaller quakes in the two days leading leading up to the big one.
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    Help - Which side?

    Assuming that the dish is pointed at 28E, then any signal coming from 26E would be arriving to the left of the LNB.
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    Virus/Trojan that affects XP keyboards?

    I'd be very surprised if a virus had knackered the keyboard. I think you are looking at a lower level problem either with the BIOS or the hardware. As aceb said, you should be able to use the keyboard without any HDD installed. In case the BIOS setting have canged, I would erase the CMOS...
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    The Usual Places for Dreambox Files

    You'll find cams for the VIX images here. _ If you extract the IPK files you should be able to use them on any E2 receiver with the same processor.
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    Dreamboxedit & 2 bouquets sets.

    Were the channel setting different, or was it something else?
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    Dreamboxedit & 2 bouquets sets.

    I havent checked the sources you are linking to, but I would imagine that what is happening here is that both sets are using different references for the same satellites. i.e. one lists Astra2/Eurobird1 as 28.2E and the other 28.4E. This causes problems when trying to combine the two sets of...
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    Batten Down The Hatches 2010/11

    LOL. :) When did BMW start making front wheel drive models?
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    Dreamboxedit & 2 bouquets sets.

    From the menu, select 'Import' - > 'Import User Bouquets'... then browse to the folder containing the bouquets you want to import. You can choose which ones you want imported and click 'process'. You can only do this if the channels listed in the bouquets you are importing also exist in the...
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    Batten Down The Hatches 2010/11

    We are having daytime tempretures of around -6c a little further inland, and around -2c nearer the coast where I live. The main problem here is that the roads are not being treated. They've run out of salt, so even the main routes are trecherous.:-googly I went to do the christmas shopping on...
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    FREE Energy Saving Plug

    The plug looks like a product that was featured on Dragons Den about a year or two ago. The guys who were trying to get investment seemed to have overlooked the full potential of the idea they had patented. Their idea, using a battery to keep an infrared sensor active while while mains power...
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    Guess the TV series theme tune.

    Some swashbuckling adventure, I cant put my finger on it though.
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    A tiny question about the 'data' column in Dreamboxedit

    Before deleting 'data' services, check that you are not deleting any of the HD channels you've scanned in. I dont know why, but they being tagged as 'data' on my system.
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    Dream Elite are Back!!!!

    The VU+ has been relegated to a section under the heading 'Other Linux Receivers'. I guess they wont be supporting these recievers then. I just noticed that a lot of content has been deleted. I made a lot more than the 1 post I currently have to my name. It looks like the site is being hosted...