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    A Very Special Announcement

    Congratulations ;) Have an wonderful tim ahead, enjoy the newborn
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    De ellende is da de meeste Nederlanders ook (bijna) perfect Engels/Duits Frans? kunnen lezen schrijven en spreken :)' Cor
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    Z'n tong kwijt? ;) Veel Ieren werken/hebben gewerkt in Nederland, o.a. als pijpfitters en lassers als in mijn oude beroep. Cor
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    Happy Birthday to You

    Happy Birthday to you all :)
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    Schematic For Echostar AD3000ip Power Supply

    No appologies needed m8, just an thanks to you for your excellent work on the reciever :) Think it still does an very good job, not planning on parting with the reciever yet, running my actuator fine with the 1.1 Triax dish from 50 east to 50 west. I put the fan on top of the PSU then, took out...
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    Ad3000ip Psu

    Don't think there is newer software for the reciever, updating the database myself for the last years manually, or use Lostone's files from satdudez. Using the Lynnsat data for new transponders, or my local satellite magazine to feed the reciever for new sat's or transponders, do an rescan, and...
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    Today we celebrate

    Happy Birthday to you all :D
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    Schematic For Echostar AD3000ip Power Supply

    Thanks for the corrections m8. To add to my older post, i also added old heatsinks with cooling paste to the memory chip and cpu, and all hot i.c.'s Since the reciever is on much of the day here, and goes with us to France in the holliday season, it has performed well, must have travelled...
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    How good is your car hifi?

    :D Prefer doing that myself m8 :D
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    Is it a Time BOMB in Echostar 3000ip?

    The capacitors dry out because the internal temperature is quite high, since i bought mine new years back, i added an 4" computer grade fan over the PSU side, and added on the memory chip and cpu an aluminium heatsink from an computer chip, this with the added flow of ait from the fan keeps the...
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    Good morning and a Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday to you all :D Don't rub it in please :o Cheers, Cor :D
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    Autumn project

    :o Looks like you have some work to do :D Good luck m8 ;) Cor
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    Fresh produce

    Ahh, an new marketing gimmick? :D Only needs potatoes to make an wholesome meal :P Cor ;)
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    Have all gear in the livingroom, my bashed up notebook wich i bash even further now, all hamgear next right to me, satellite reciever etc, and an 16" fan waving air to me, combined with lotsa drinks :D I know your job Rolf, don't envvy you now..... Doing my job as pipefitter/TIGwelder this time...
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    We just had our 2nd heatwave confirmed this year, last days 30+ yesterday 34.2, today 37 Celcius expected and enjoying it immensely. Just an few months back we were all whinging about the cold, now we got our payback of Mother Nature :D Hope it'll last till 31st of December :P Cor