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    c-band titanium c1 pll vs. BSC421

    I have to agree, my titanium lnbf have been collecting dust in my garage. They have never been part of my setup.
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    It's all good.
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    I find it a bit odd that your scanning left and right as if this sat is circular, it's linear.
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    Just Sharing This Gtmedia or free sat v7 hd satellite tv receiver

    Software version V4.0.85.347 from August 18th of last year. I haven't had any audio issues at all and one of the reasons why I haven't upgraded it.
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    Just Sharing This Gtmedia or free sat v7 hd satellite tv receiver

    Using the Freesat V8 Super with spectacular results here in North America, the land of c band and the big dish. Autoroll on this stb has been great and in excess of 1k here on this side of the pond.
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    any good postioner

    Although a bit dated, the Pansat ap600 or ap3500 would move that dish effortlessly.
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    Welcome William-1 to the Mods Team

    Congrats on a very well deserved promo Will.
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    The 2.4M Fortec Star on C-Band.

    Good to see another much critisised and maligned Forted 2.4m in service. I did not have to adjust anything on my Fortec and tracking the arc from 11-107.3w spot on, slightly lower db levels then with my 3m mesh.
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    C band Lnb advice

    I am using 2 no name brand gsky lnbf on both my c band dishes. I'd send you a link but I can't seem to locate it atm.
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    43.1°W (Intelsat 11)

    Intelsat 11 at 43.1w is a linear sat.
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    Dish extensions

    Cialis lasts 36 hours folks, no need for Viagra. All the kidding aside, a larger dish will need to be installed.
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    satellite postioner(the best)

    I am presently using 4 positioners to move my dishes. 3 of them are of the cheap vbox variety but my Pansat AP3500 is by far the best but it would be really difficult to find one. Pansat also has the AP600 which should still be available to purchase.
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    Intel 23 @53W ?

    Thanks CJ, will check those out on my circular feed.
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    43.1°W (Intelsat 11)

    3853 V 6250 is my strongest tp at a 13.5 db level as well as Woohoo at 12 db.
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    43.1°W (Intelsat 11)

    Woohoo scans in with extremely high signal quality in my parts. A blind scan of this sat usually comes up with almost 300 channels, top 5 on my arc.