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    Openbox rebooting when driving motor

    Succes ! Borrowed a friends Fortec Star motor, worked straight away, no messing. For me TM2300 & Openbox no good. Up and running with a straight swap of motor. BTW TM 2300 working fine with friends Blade receiver! Baffled !
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    Openbox rebooting when driving motor

    Thanks ! I was looking that way, but the fact that they run the other motor ok, threw me a little. Obviously not all motors are the same. Would by any chance a line amp help in this instance. I have a spare line amp lying around - spec "22dB,maximum output is 104dBuv.Fixed slope of 5dB.Frequency...
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    Openbox rebooting when driving motor

    Hi There, I would be really grateful if anyone with a little more knowledge than me could try and help with a receiver rebboting when driving a motor. I have two motorised systems and two new Openbox units. Both receivers will drive my ***** motor, but both units reboot when trying to drive a...
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    Help, lost the plot connection problems !

    Howdy, Placed in the DB section but not specific to 500 as hoping for a wider audience.... Tried to look after me old mum, sent up one of the kids old 500s's as I put in a openbox s10 for them. Made sure that i took off my old static ip address from my set-up, changed it over to dhcp and even...
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    Release:- B16MCC Services Database - Bouquet Creation Utility.

    passord does not match error on trying to download DB?? Same login details used for main Dreamuk forums??? Lost :(