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    I'm looking for a very expensive 28" CRT with DVD

    Hi, I am trying to get an estimate for my TV which blew up recently. The insurance company are after an estimate for a replacement, so can anyone advise where I could get an expensively priced 28" flat screen with integral DVD? Thanks Oh by the way if you are a dealer and manage an estimate...
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    Card duplication.

    Hi, just out of curiosity, can you copy a sky card with one of those card programming thingys? Cheers
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    Free Tv

    Hi all, I am brand spanking new to this game. I have just got myself a secondhand pace receiver (no card) and dish. I can get the odd few channels. Where do I go frome here. I don't want to subscribe to sky. How do I increase the number of channels I can watch? What is all the chat about keys...