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    Can I replace EMTech FTA V100 with firmware of starsat 200ci?

    pls where can i get flash dump of logix 6000fta. my email;dugizul*
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    Help watching c-band signals on Nokia9860s

    Hello guys, Pls assist with above stb currently i cannot watch c-band signals using c-band lnb.I am forced to see them using ku-band in the antenna setting but only symbol rates with 27500mb/s can be seen.Any help will be appreciated. thxs dugizul
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    Any body know about PANORAMA FTA888 Digital recever Link

    Hello friend, There is a receiver micromax but not sure on the model is either MM2004 OR MM2400 which has similar software and configuration.But PLS WAIT FOR CONFIRMATION. THXS
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    Help;logix 6000 fta plus flash file

    Hello, Can any one assist with flash file and jtagging the above stb,here are my hardware details; 1.MPU STi5518 BVC-X 2.FLASH;SST3VF800A 3.RAM;HYNIX HY57641620HG 4.TUNER;SHARP; F7VZ018. thxs dugizul
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    -----Starsat Q&A-----[Version 349 (Star/Bright)-TPS AU]

    Hello koovery, Can i use starsat sr 1500d supermark ii software on above stb even though they share many physical similarities like tuner,rf conv. but flash IC are different digital-telecom use sst 39vf1601 and starsat use mx29lv160bbtc-70.Or is there another better clone s/w i can use for...
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    Patch file of Strong 3680

    check this
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    skytech st-777 ultra codemenu or patch

    Hello Friends, PLS assist On the above stb procedure or latest software. thxs dugizul
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    mediacom910i;pls tamazgha2003 help me

    I tried to flash above stb with jtag cable but iam getting dcu reading error.Even the chip flash ic is not detected automatically.i cannot even peek or poke.Should i flash it anyway manually using jkeys. Pls assist.
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    Alfagold AD-7300

    try w* thxs dugizul
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    Alfagold AD-7300

    Hello guys, check this site w* have not tested the software use at your own risk. dugizul
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    mediacom 910i codemenu active

    Thxs once again old friend.By the way is this receiver a clone of strong 3720.There some similarities in graphics,operating same remote,etc. thxs
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    need latest file;strong 3720 losing memory frequently

    Hello guys, Pls help the above since it is losing memory every now and then.I would appreciate. thx dugizul
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    mediacom 910i codemenu active

    Hello guys, PLs assist in activating the above stb. Thxs dugizul
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    Hello guys, Pls assist to upgrade the above stb.I tried to upload the current software from but i am getting comm failed. thxs dugizul
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    i need sunstar fat888=panorama fta888 latest software

    Hello guys, Pls assist where i can get latest software for above stb. sunstar fta888=panorama fta88/ dugizul