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    I have flashed a mates box whilst mine was also attached to the internet through a modem, mine will not connect to the internet now, keeps saying unable to connect to server, I think I have created a conflict as now my mates box works for me but not my own box. any ideas how I can resolve this...
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    unable to download cccam from addon list

    thanks for the replies, I have downloaded cccams recently, I have set up a box for my mate, so thats the only way I know how to do it, how do I FTP it and get cccamconfig file into DCC ?? sorry as I only know how to do it the other way, thanks again in advance
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    unable to download cccam from addon list

    Hi I have a dreambox 500s which has been working quite happily for the past year, yesterday a message popped up saying user abort and since then I have been unable to get the box to work, I can connect via DCC everything is green, however when I tried and download a cccam using the blue panel it...