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    where r u EARTH

    hi u said: if u need help email me i mailed and got no answer plz help i want patch for strong 4610(1) & 4800(1) and so many other models but 4610&4800 is most urgent plz answer 2 my mail :
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    strong 4400 patch software

    hi i got a strong4400 and i need a software patch for scrambled channels on 4400 to view them thanx for help plz i really need the patch
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    ST1 -codes

    i need patches to open scrambled channels without a smartcard plz send me any if u got any model from any receiver
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    samsung vortec vs-9800 upgrade

    i need patch for opening paytv without smartcard plz send me 2 i want any model u got but 9500s r urgent
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    LG receiver software

    i need patch software (decoder) to open scrambled without a smartcard for lgs spesially ldr440ir
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    Free-xtv Update Sky Box Not Responding

    help for sky1 patch i nned a patch to view paytv
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    help me abut starsat SR-X150D Plus

    baba in patche srt4400 nadarin send konin
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    Warning!!! Coship 2300 patch

    dont throw it away send it to me (kidding) but u may ask from support team of ur dvb-box and they know how to solve it i got a prob 2 i need strong4400 patch to open scrambled and i neeeed any patches for any dvb-box models but strong4400 is nost urgent
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    need patch for strong4400

    hi i really need patch for strong4400 to open scrambled channels (without a smartcard) plz help me or i'll kill myself and if u got any patches for any other receivers plz send it for me thanx
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    hi every1 i need strong4400 patch plz help me mehdi man patch vase 4400 strong mikham joone man send kon
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    Strong SRT 4400 seca2 soft

    if u got the patch for strong4400 plz send it to me :confused: ireally need it