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    Sharing smartcard Help Plz

    thanks but how my friend can do it? I mean he 2 DM500S and he can watch more than 3 smartcards. Is there a device I can use so it can act as a server for the 2 DM500S?
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    Sharing smartcard Help Plz

    Hello,I just bought 2 drambox500S and I also have 3 smartcards (Showtime, Orbit, ART). I have a router which my computer is connected to it.I want to ask you guys how can I share 3 smartcards for the 2 dreamboxes I have simultaneously? I mean both user can watch what they want by connection...
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    Dreambox DM500S smart-card

    Hello,I have a drem box DM500S and I want to ask you guys does the DM500S supports viaccess cards or irdeto cards?Or it supports both!Thank you