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  1. hvdh

    AngoSat 1 (will be 14.5° East)

    Dead she is. A replacement Angosat-2 is planned. The Angosat-1 communications satellite
  2. hvdh

    Help Required What is the PLS code for 12.188 H on 4 east ?

    There is no PLS involved. In 4T2, go to T2MI tab, put a checkmark next to PID 4096, and PLP 0 will appear.
  3. hvdh

    Where is 2B going?

    According SES CoB, the 2.8° inclined Astra 2B next location will be back again to 19.4°E, and is already on its way. Arrival then will be in the 2nd half of June.
  4. hvdh

    Eutelsat 36 West A

    Eutelsat has renamed this satellite (at 59.3°E) to Eutelsat 59A. No footprints published. EUTELSAT 59A - Eutelsat
  5. hvdh

    Astra 2C @ 60.3°E

    Astra 2C has been at 60.3°E from 1 September 2015 to 16 April 2018. Inclination 1.1°, drifting now, and wil arrive at 23.7°E on 23 May 2018.
  6. hvdh

    arianespace va 242 march 2018

    In a few days, Avanti's HYLAS 4 will arrive at 21.5°E, probably to reserve this slot that already is occupied by GovSat-1 of SES. HYLAS 4 – Ariane 5 VA242 | Spaceflight101
  7. hvdh

    Inmarsat 5F4

    Inmarsat-5 F4 stopped at 56.5°E according today's TLE.
  8. hvdh

    Inmarsat 5F4

    New TLE shows Inmarsat-5 F4 is still moving 0.9°W/day, near 56°E now. Starting to think, almost a year after launch, Inmarsat don't really need this satellite quite yet...
  9. hvdh

    Inmarsat 5F4

    The moving speed was slowing down, and Inmarsat-5 F4 may have stopped at 58.0°E (listed at ITU), but that's not yet confirmed by TLE.
  10. hvdh

    SES-14 VA241 January 2018

    The graph I posted comes from the STK software, that retrieves TLE's from AGI's own server. Indeed 30 days after launch, CelesTrack TLE's disappear from "tle-new.txt", then often take a while before popping up again in "geo.txt". An all-in TLE list is here: http://www.n2yo.com/tle2/3line.tle I...
  11. hvdh

    SES-14 VA241 January 2018

    Al Yah 3 is make good progress, could be at 17.5°W IOT location in a few weeks. Graph shows Latitude as function of Longitude, from 21 March to today. Drift 5°W per day.
  12. hvdh

    arianespace va 242 march 2018

    Feed on 7.0°E, 11066 H 4937 3/4 8PSK.
  13. hvdh

    G-Sat 6A launch end of February

    India's @isro says it lost contact w/ the GSAT-6A communications sat, successfully launched March 29 on GSLV rocket. Agency had reported successful 1st orbit raise on March 30, to 36,412 km x 5,054 km. Status Update of GSAT-6A - ISRO To add to the suspense, this could be a (bad) 1 April joke!
  14. hvdh

    asiasat 4

    AsiaSat 4 turns out to be a placeholder, for a future satellite called "PakSat-MM1" PAKSAT-MM1
  15. hvdh

    intelsat 901 move west

    29.5°W is an existing Intelsat position, the 4.1° inclined Intelsat-9 is there already, but showing little activity it seems.