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  1. hvdh

    Intelsat 37e, BSat-4a VA239

    Intelsat 901 will move to 29.5°W eventually. Actual Intelsat 37e arrival at 18.0°W will be tomorrow.
  2. hvdh

    Danger for satellite C band spectrum ?

    "The European 5G conference" is being held today and tomorrow in Brussels. The European 5G Conference 2018 | Summary For Europe, C-band's lower half (3.4...3.8 GHz) continues to be "needed" for 5G. Can't even the important 3.7...3.8 GHz part stay clean?
  3. hvdh

    GSAT-19 - end april or may 2017 launch

    The last TLE for GSAT-19 was of Feb 6 when still drifting and almost at 48°E. No updated TLE since then, which is a sure sign GSAT-19 did a manoeuver and indeed has stopped near 48°E.
  4. hvdh

    52E (TurkmenAlem/MonacoSat)

    The uplink for TurkmenAlem 52.0°E 10719 H reaches Belintersat-1 51.5°E as well, then downlinking 500 MHz higher at 11221 H.
  5. hvdh

    AngoSat 1 (will be 14.5° East)

    Eutelsat 16C, the satellite that started in 2000 as SESAT 1 at 36°E, has been a placeholder at 14.5°E for several years. Now drifting 3.2°W/day, that looks like graveyard orbit. Seems to have left 14.5°E on February 1. Expected lifetime was 10 years. Meanwhile, Angosat-1 can be estimated to...
  6. hvdh

    Intelsat 37e, BSat-4a VA239

    Intelsat 37e has finally started the journey from 84.55°E test location to 18.0°W final location. Drifting 5.2°W/day according Intelsat ephemeris, arrival at 18.0°W will be about 20 February.
  7. hvdh

    Hispasat 30W-6

    In-orbit testing will be at 26°W. TT&C on 10701 and 11448 MHz. New launch date 22 February.
  8. hvdh

    ses16 21.5e

    Scrubbed for today because of gusty winds, maybe tomorrow 21:25 UTC.
  9. hvdh

    SES-14 VA241 January 2018

    No telemetry received since shortly after first stage separation.
  10. hvdh

    SES-14 VA241 January 2018

    Just heard that Al Yah 3 will be tested at 17.5°W, and final location will be 20.1°W.
  11. hvdh

    SES-14 VA241 January 2018

    HD feed 7.0°E 10989 H 4937 DVB-S2 8PSK 3/4
  12. hvdh

    Firefox 57

    Yesterday I gave up resisting, upgraded to 58.0 thereby losing the FireFTP add-on. No more memory leaks (slowing down the PC after a while), so it was much needed. For FTP now using a standalone app called WinSCP, it's almost as simple in use as FireFTP.
  13. hvdh

    SES-14 VA241 January 2018

    SES-14 will be 47.5°W, electric propulsion so orbit raising will take about half a year. C- and Ku-band, TT&C: 10953 & 12198 MHz. Al Yah 3 will be 20°W. 53 Ka-band user beams to Brasil & Africa, TT&C: 20198.5 & 20199.5 L...
  14. hvdh

    Help-Ka-Unknown satellite

    This is WGS-1 at 6.0°E. Check my complete sat list in signature first! Your frequencies were reported by @Feedsat_DXer : Satellites Community - 06.0?E WGS-1 (relocated)
  15. hvdh

    Sold TBS 6925

    Congrats CJ, from another loooong-time 6925 user!