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    digibox firmware

    I bought a Panasonic TU-DSB30 for 50 quid on ebay and this is one of the better digiboxes
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    My proposed system conceived out of ignorance.

    I am also living near Zurich. Currently using a 60cm dish with a sky digibox (can buy on ebay for less than £50). Using TV purchased in Switzerland. This set-up enables me to get BBC1, BBC2 etc. German channels obtained via cable. It is also possible to get ITV, C4 and C5 via FTV card. I am...
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    New to motorised dish - football

    Thanks Rolf. I guess I just need to buy a receiver and motor and start experimenting. I will ask about your other suggestions at the shop.
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    New to motorised dish - football

    Thanks waverider. The website should be useful when the season starts. Do you know the answer to my last 2 questions to Rob?
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    New to motorised dish - football

    Rob - Thanks for the tips. Would I be able to use my existing cable, lnb, dish, if I get a new receiver and a motor for the dish? Anything else I need?
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    New to motorised dish - football

    I currently have a sky digibox, an old mesh dish (70x60cm) and a universal lnb which allows me to watch FTA channels. I would like to view english premiership football and understand that the best way to do this is via a motorised dish. Please would somebody give me an overview of the...