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    success digital receiver

    Dear Friends, I am from India. I am a noted mechanic for the sattelite digital receivers Now I got a success digital receiver (CG 5501C S/N:-0208011989) with the following complaint, it shows only 0000 on the front panel and no other function I need the software of this model (CG 5501C).PLease...
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    success digital receiver CG 5501C

    Hi my friends I need success digital receiver CG 5501C please help me, as early as
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    Receiver Software

    I need success digitalreceiver Email address removed :) :) (CG 5501C) software please help.....
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    LGI-6000FTA software

    Hi I need LG LOGIX digital receiver Model (LGI-6000FTA) software pls help My mail address
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    I need echobox receiver web address

    I Need echobox digital receiver software or its web address, pls help e mail
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    patch for TECHNOSAT 9000 AND 8000

    Dear Sir, I am from India I need technosat 8000 super slim model software and ECHOBOX DSR-9800 plus model software. as early as possible.