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    Which Conax cam?

    Thanx all you people behind the conax crack! But it gives me some problems and questions!! I have a nokia9902s with an aston1.05 cam in the ONLY cam slot. What can I do to watch both seca and conax channels(and viac. of course, but's it's embedded) without swapping cams all the time!?? Is there...
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    TVBS Chinese channel

    It's a little bit more than rumours. They have been anouncing the change on the channel for a month now. The last anouncements is that they are sending out new cards and they'll go to S2 at the end of the year (like now!). It still works today, don't know tomorrow! What I'm curious about is if...
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    UA AU

    Yupp, that's about it! Is there a PPUA field in picbinedit? Great! (haven't bothered to try the new versions that can handle Fun stuff!) I use FUNPROM, there you fill the SA and CUSTWP (which are part of the PPUA). The PBM, well, either you just leave it or you find some "good" ones (at tonydoe...
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    UA AU

    [updated:LAST EDITED ON 01-May-02 AT 10:48 PM (GMT) by rolfw (admin)]@Ididndoit, running around helping people as usual?! =) If you look at my first posting again, (I've edited it), is that what you mean? I've been thinking about your "convert PPUA to dec and then pad with zeros at the...
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    UA AU

    [updated:LAST EDITED ON 01-May-02 AT 11:00 PM (GMT) by rolfw (admin)]Anyone managed to get an AU on a provider with UA-updates (ident 00 0D)? Seen it somewhere before, but forgot where and how!! I have the PPUA and MK's: PPUA II JJ KK LL MK00 XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX MK01 YY YY YY YY YY YY YY...
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    Lip Synch in Taquilla

    Yepp, watched Snatch in english and had a hard time understanding what they said!!!=) On top of the wierd accent (sorry all you who speak with that accent, it's my poor english!!!!) their lips were moving all out of sync!!! (Worst of all, first I thought that the movie was supposed to be like...
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    Programming pic-files?

    Where can I find info. to help me experiment with pic-file programming? Is there a disassembler for pic? Do people program the pic&eeprom files in assembler or is there a C-compiler (or other high level prog. language) for it ? Thankfull for any kind of answers so that I can contribute (maybe)...
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    entering MK01 etc. in file to make it AU

    Thanks for the interest. I found out that MKF is a software you can use to read and manipulate MOSC's. It stands for MKFind ( I think that the site you refered to is made by Duwgati. (Hmm, wonder if it's the same humble...
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    entering MK01 etc. in file to make it AU

    Just wondering what MKF is? A cardreader/software allowing reading out info of original cards, or? Where can I get more info about this? /Kid
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    TVBS november keys?

    Have a couple of questions: I'm wondering if anyone knows when TVB Superchannel sends out the new keys before they are actuall in use? Would really like to learn how to descramble keys, but I'm still too much of a rookie. Any tips or howto's anyone? How long does it usuallly take before the new...