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    I realise this topic is quite of date now, but I thought I would share my personal knowledge and expertise. Firslty I would like to say that the built in XP firewall is good for controlling the applications that use your connection from your computer, but in terms of it's abilities to cope with...
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    TopUp TV

    I have just had a look and it is hard to tell, there is an NTL aerial cable from the NTL wall socket (no longer supplying NTL just a good terrestrial signal) and a scart lead coming from the digital box which is supplied from a normal aerial on the roof. Do they broadcast freeview and topup tv...
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    Best Sites for Buying Hardware

    I think Novatech ( has already been mentioned, very good all round really, although they are going down hill slowly in my opinion. Another favorite of mine is OverClockers UK ( not mentioned yet, they are quite good value and perfect for high end or...
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    SkyOne on it's own?

    I have recently cancelled my subscription to NTL on the grounds that the only channel I ever watched was SkyOne and to pay that much for one channel was stupid. I was wondering... is it possible to get *just* SkyOne at all? I have a Nokia 9850 T digital set-top box if that helps. I am told by a...
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    TopUp TV

    I have a new JVC AV28X4 television which is connected to a Daewoo video recorder, a Cyberhome DVD player and a Nokia 9850 T digital set top box. My TV signal is supplied from two places, the telvision gets it's signal from the video player which gets it's signal from the NTL cable which although...