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    Dreambox DM-500-S -GREEK Nova Hellas (Irdeto 2)

    thanks guys for the info......really apreciated......but in my case whats the best thing to do? by the way i do have an adsl connection..... but which receiver has the best support out there for nova hellas? i thought of getting a sub and paying but the package is 57euros personally i find it...
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    Dreambox DM-500-S -GREEK Nova Hellas (Irdeto 2)

    yes mhku i am in canada right now but the info i am asking for is in greece and not here.......for your info north america does not use irdeto 2, only nagra2 and videoguard......i know the north american systems pretty well......but i am new with the irdeto 2 and nova greece and i need some info...
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    Dreambox DM-500-S questions

    hi guys....i am new here and i need some info about Dreambox DM-500-S and nova hellas (irdeto2)....does it work with it?and if yes is there a step by step file how to do the set up? the most important for me is how to log to the server to start the emulation.....will i need a card for it? thanks