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    serie a

    Hello, I have the same question, I have just bought the al jazeera sports card channels 1-4. In the hope of getting a few serie a games in the uk. Fingers crossed they are showing them. Sky is way too expensive and too difficult to get hold of in the UK.
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    Twin LNB help. Complete Novice

    Cheers for the advice guys. The dual LNB was simple to replace and everything works really well. Thanks again
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    Twin LNB help. Complete Novice

    Hi there Each LNB on the dish has one cable coming out of it. 1st one is 19.2 Astra. The 2nd LNB is Hotbird 13.E I don't really require the astra so can i move the Astra LNB to get Hotbird? All I have plugged in to the original satellite (Manhattan) is the new Hotbird cable. The other cable...
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    Twin LNB help. Complete Novice

    Hi there This is my first post, and I'm a complete beginner. I currently have a Hotbird satellite (for italian tv) and 1 receiver. I am looking to add a new receiver in a separate room, so that I have the option of watching 2 different channels in different rooms. Can someone give me a rough...
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    All receivers master code 2005

    Hi I have a Manhattan 5900 do you have the code for this?
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    Please Help I have no idea

    My parents have a digital satellite picking up all the RAI digital, and a few other italian channels. 2 questions 1. How can I pick up the Eurosport analogue channel for Italian football on weekends. 2. How can I view scrambled RAI sporting events. They have a black screen with some writing...