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    Freesat in Lugano, Switzerland

    awesome, I see reports that 1m should do me I just need the missus to liaise with a local installer and see if we have a good enough spot to clear the mountain....a neighbour has 13e running but I am nearer the mountain by 10m and higher. A half-arsed site survey for next door told...
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    Freesat in Lugano, Switzerland

    Hello all, I've been out of the scene for a bit as I ditched my satellite setup due to moving house and considering a move down under. Anywayyyyyyyy..........I want to come back; I've a new house and, if the mountain is not in the way, I want to have a 28/19/13 setup again - primarily for...
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    webinterface via WAN

    do remember that your user ID (root) and password are being transmitted in the clear and anyone with a promiscuous packet sniffer can view the password - so think about changing it reasonably frequently. I tend to also remote admin to my router and set the port on or off (and yes, my router...
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    Gravar no PC a partir da DM500S

    dude, this is the English section. or post in English please :)
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    Quick Dreambox Query :)

    What do you want to do with a dreambox? If you have a S*y card then you can use it in the box; if you have premium channels, you'll have to get the box serial number and put it in the config file.
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    best dreambox 7020 deal !!

    the tuner on my 500 has taken a dump and it might be under warranty with the dealer so.....I will let you know if I use for the return and how Alekos performs ;)
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    Been busy "toasting"

    I had a lovely, lovely holiday in the US in September and have been having a few issues since then. Firstly, my DM500s spent two weeks trying to move the dish :-DOH!:-DOH!:-DOH! and now is completely incapable of moving the dish ..... so I have cunningly upgraded to a 7020Si with 320Gb disk ;)...
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    Sky+ and watching a recording

    the answer is - you'll be disappointed.
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    SRG SSR Switzerland Package

    new cards being delivered to us this year, mate. Needless to say, I did not get mine yet. mind you, I don't use the card much at the mo' ;)
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    Sky, Freeview and a Windows Media Center

    use the same cards and it should function. How are you getting audio into your PC from the Sky box, btw? s-video supports just video (before you record without sound!)
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    Broken Dreambox?!

    the 500 maxvar image doesn't have everything the big bro has ;) you absolutely need a null modem cable - without it, you either turn the box on and wait and hope that the process which is loading and blocking the network port initialisation times out (unlikely) or you've semi-bricked the thing...
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    Dreambox 500S setting

    another vote for the stickies - I learned absolutely everything I needed to from those puppies. Now I'm a veritable expert on the thing ;)
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    dreambox 500s wireless?

    Wireless ethernet bridges will support encryption - let's not say they're "not secure" - you just have to set it up correctly. You need a good connection should you want to record or stream effectively across this wireless connection - G or pre-N/Mimo will help (as well as few walls, etc).
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    need immediate help please!!!!dm500 crashed

    nullmodem cable is your friend here ;)
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    Sky HD abroad

    I believe you can eBay <spit> HD boxes for cosiderably less than 400 quid now btw ;)